Gooseberry Designs is an illustration and design studio based in fabulous Los Gatos, California. 

I am inspired by the everyday things around me.  My dog Kricket and I go on mini explorations after we walk my daughter to school each morning.  There is always something new to discover!  I am also inspired by travel and adventure. I have been lucky to have started traveling at a very early age.   When we were quite little, my parents began taking me and my brother to visit our relatives in India and they chose a different city to explore on the way, on each trip.   Happily for us, we have gotten to visit many exotic places.

Leaving behind a career in neuroscience research, I started Gooseberry Designs in 2006. When my husband and I learned that we were going to have a baby, it sparked a motivation to try new things in my life. I knew I didn't want to be away from my newborn and I saw it as the perfect time to pursue my passions for art and design. I am so fortunate that each day at work unique.  It never gets boring and is both challenging and rewarding - I can't imagine doing anything else!