How do custom projects work?

Custom projects are our favorite! Maybe you have an idea in mind or perhaps you want to start totally from scratch...well, give us a ring (or send us an email) and we would be happy to set up a time to discuss the direction for your event.  

What are your fees?

Every project is different and likewise each is priced based on components you choose.  All costs will be discussed prior to starting... So, let's get started!

I want to get started, now what?

Once we have discussed your project, we will create a project timeline and a cost estimate based on your requests.

Projects book 3 months out at a minimum.  Sometimes we have cancellations, please inquire about our work schedule if your project requires a quick turnaround.  Maybe we can do it, maybe we can't but we will always try our best to accommodate.

Is the process difficult and time consuming?

No!  It is best to plan ahead if possible - leaving enough time to create the design.  We will create a work schedule and do our best to accommodate your need by date.   Even if design and logistics are not your thing we will try our hardest to make it as pain free as possible.  Let us take care of it - that's our job.  We are very nice (we promise)!


Gooseberries in Ville Parle Fruit Market, Mumbai, India

Gooseberries in Ville Parle Fruit Market, Mumbai, India